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A jump back

The “Voie Sacrée” is a historic road of 56 kilometers between Bar-le-Duc and Verdun, materialized by helmeted kilometer markers in reference to “the Poilus” of the Great War.

Numbered RD1916, crosses localities of Bar-le-Duc, Naives rozières, Erize la brulée, Rosnes, Erize la grande, Erize la petite, Chaumont sur Aire, Issoncourt, Heippes, Souilly, Lemmes and Moulin-Brûlé. It was used to transport soldiers and equipment, as well as for supplies during the Battle of Verdun.

At the height of the clashes, 8,000 vehicles were constantly circulating there. Today, considered as a high place of memory of the Battle of Verdun, it was inaugurated in 1921 by the President of the Republic, Raymond Poincaré.
Installed in the former headquarters of General Pétain, the “Voie sacrée Museum, in Souilly, traces through maps, documents and photographs, the major role of “la Voie sacrée” during the battle of 1916.

Tourist side

What you can do in the area ?

Let yourself be guided in Verdun and visit historic sites:

  • The “Peace World Center”
  • The “Douaumont ossuary”
  • The “work of La Falouse”

Visit many museums:

  • The beer museum
  • The Raymond Poincaré Museum
  • Petitcollin dolls

Discover Bar le Duc and its old town, the Renaissance district…

Enjoy outdoor activities, or take long walks around the Lac de La Madine or Lac du Der.

On foot or by bike, stroll through the paths of the “Vent des Forêts”, surrounded by nature, and discover the works of art that adorn the route.

Visit the Côtes de Meuse and let yourself be tempted by our wines.

We will be happy to provide you with documentation as well as maps of our beautiful region, so that you can fully enjoy it.